A King, A Civil Servant & the Beggar – Jesus the remedy to empire!

A King, A Civil Servant & the Beggar – Jesus the remedy to empire!

All scripture is inspired of God & therefore, has application and context for every individual & generation. An emphasis on studying the historical context can reduce the prophetic voice of God, within all scripture which is always contemporary, seeking to lead all mankind to see Gods remedy to human need – Calvary!

So, while two chunks of scripture from different time periods provide the context of this theme, it is hoped that relevancy can be seen for our current era of the ‘capitalistic globalisation empire’! Where, chief executives and billionaire entrepreneurs are kings, and civil servants abound to support the network, and where beggars, beg!

The King: Nebuchadnezzar

Daniel, reveals’ to the King of Babylon, the Worlds Super Power of its time the prophetic Word of God, concerning Gods intended purpose for Man – Unity, Harmony and fulfilment  in the knowledge of being loved by God!

The king is given specific counsel from Daniel in Ch 4 V27, yet he ignores it, just like the rich young ruler in Luke Ch 18.

V30 – gets right to the heart of the issue – vanity of vanities! Nebuchadnezzar, is his own God & rules his kingdom for his own honour! Yet, all that he has both physically and in respect of ability has been given him by God!

Once the time is fulfilled concerning Gods Word – The king looks toward heaven, seeing!! His understanding returns to Him! Yes, I am made by God and for God!

V36! What a verse! I picture, him standing, leaning over a table on a veranda, with exotic birds taking pollen from the hanging baskets and flowers in the gardens of Babylon around them! Leaning over architectural plans, for helping the poor in a specific part of the City. With his finance minister beside him! Others waiting with other business of the day! Excellent Majesty! He functioned at a higher level than ever before! Yet, now he was not lonely, or under a cloud of selfish darkness – now he was living for the benefit of others in the knowledge that the King of Heaven Loved him! Oh, how he must have compared the contrast, the delight of light! The benefits of Harmony, creations musical notes resonating within him and to those in his service! Their must have been much Joy, and youthful excitement to all in his company! Heavens King of Love is the antidote to this world’s cynicism – how the worlds needs that antibody!

Transformed from pride to humility and fulfilment by love!

A Civil servant: Zacchaeus

Zacchaeus is rich! And yet it does not hinder him from wanting to ‘see’ Jesus or in his response to the King Heaven having come down to him! Zacchaeus was poor in his own eyes, unlike those in Luke Ch18 V25.

Like men in today’s industrial age, Zacchaues was part of a cynical system that viewed society as individualistic and ones work, as a means of producing personal security amongst other people that neither loved or cared for you. Zacchaeus horded because he was a lost soul in need of salvation!

Yet, beneath this, Zacchaeus longed to be loved, he ran to see Jesus!

Zacchaeus response to Jesus coming to his house (excellent majesty must come to eat at my house – the king of heaven) – is instantaneous and spontaneous, it is the difference between the old and new testament! Nebuchadnezzar, had to be brought low through experience, whereas, once the king of heaven has come down, lowly, all he does is beckon!

Daniel Ch 4 V27 – Zacchaeus, response without request! This is the love and work of God prophetically to man – Jesus the Word of God!

The beggar: A blind man

The beggar, the one at the bottom of the globalisation empire! The one who can’t see this materialistic world! This is the one who most clearly reveals the truth of Calvary, where God has met the heart cry’s of his creation!

In V 34, we are informed by Luke that no one understood the things spoken by Jesus! Yet, the blind beggar, had heard!

The one who had a visible exposed need, begging, had also a trained ear! Whose voice can I trust? Which stories are true and which are to steal the proceeds of my days begging?

Had he been informed of what Jesus had said to the rich young ruler, by a man who placed a coin in his hand! This beggar knew that Jesus was what he needed – Jesus affirms that his faith saved him!

He believed that God had come to answer the Hearts cry! He reveals the depths of the Cross most clearly! That the King of heaven came down to die on a cross that all men might have their needs met!

That the Gentile empire of Rome would put him to death, so that all by believing in what God did on the Cross might become sons of Abraham – those who become blessed by Gods love, like Abraham, the Spiritual above the material!

The beggar got more that the King and more than the civil servant – he had a deeper revelation of the heart of God, through a finely tuned ear – thy faith hath saved thee! Jesus would not pass by his hearts cry, when Calvary destined!

So, in Christ God has given humility for the proud, given youthful life to the cynic and great eternal riches to the beggar!

All this world needs is to see the King of Heaven!

How many billionaire kings are depressed and lonely in today’s world! How many are cynical with humanity and industry in a materialistic vision of life! Men working for Kings who built golden images to themselves! How many view this world as grossly imbalanced in capital distribution, producing beggars!

Calvary is Gods remedy! Where God has loved all men! Jew and Gentile, Rich and Poor!

Am I poor – well I can know what the beggar knew – immediately, he glorified God! For him, it surpassed Nebuchadnezzar’s experience! God heard my cry – and he knew God would – he had heard the king of love more deeply!

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